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On March 28, 1972, the Board considered a request from the University of Oregon for authorization to operate the Law School on a semester basis, effective with the fall term of 1972. The remainder of the University would continue to operate on the regular four-term calendar followed by Oregon University System institutions and community colleges. In authorizing the request, the Board stated:

The University will not be permitted to move unilaterally toward adoption of the semester calendar for the institution as a whole. Any such movement must be part of a statewide adoption of the semester calendar, including the institutions of the System and the community colleges.

On October 24, 1980, the Board rescinded this policy with respect to maintenance of a common academic calendar and stated that it would consider approval of academic calendars for individual institutions, provided that the institution requesting a new calendar demonstrated that the proposed calendar:

  • Provides as many days of instruction as the System's traditional three-term academic year calendar;
  • Is in the educational best interests of the institution's students;
  • Is cost effective;
  • Would not create insurmountable transfer problems.

This policy was reaffirmed September 13, 1982. At the April 22, 1983, Board meeting, the University of Oregon presented a request under the policy to move to the semester system calendar. This request was defeated on a tie vote.

On January 16, 1987, the Board again considered and adopted the staff recommendation to convert to an early semester system, with a modification that the effective date of the conversion would be fall term 1990.

The Board again considered the conversion to the semester calendar at its meeting on December 9, 1988, and adopted the recommendation of the Committee of the Whole to retain the quarter system and rescind the previous decision of January 1987 mandating conversion to the semester system.

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