Air Travel and Use of Mileage Bonuses

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Travel Paid by Outside Source

Outside entities may reimburse the campus, pay a service provider directly, or reimburse an employee for travel expenses related to OUS business. If the service provider is paid directly, or if reimbursement is made to an employee, documentation should be maintained in the campus travel records. Documentation should include the traveler's name, identity of the outside source, travel destination, travel dates, and OUS business purpose. If reimbursement is made to the campus, it should be accounted for as a reduction of expense. When a travel reimbursement payment is made by the foundation, it must be reported by the foundation to the president annually as required by OAR 580‑46‑035(6)(d).

Travel Awards and Frequent Flyer Mileage

All employees are required to travel using routes, schedules, and airlines that provide the lowest rates and most efficient travel. Because the cost of recordkeeping outweighs any monetary benefit, OUS will not recapture airline bonuses awarded employees for frequent flyer miles. Employees may use frequent flyer bonuses as they choose unless the terms of a grant or contract require otherwise.

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