Campus Visitors

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Responsible University Office And Contact Person

Reason for Policy: 

To describe conduct expected of campus visitors.

Policy Statement: 

Visitors to the University of Oregon are welcome, but are expected to abide by University rules and the ordinances, laws, and regulations of the city, county, and state. A visitor who fails or refuses to obey University of Oregon rules, or an ordinance, law, or regulation of the city, county or state, may be requested or ordered by a University official, designated by the President, to leave any part or all of institutionally-owned or controlled premises and to remain away therefrom until specifically authorized to return. Any visitor not complying promptly with such requests or orders will be liable to the legal consequences of such non-compliance including arrest and punishment for trespass and disorderly conduct.

University officials authorized to declare trespass are:

The President;

(In the event the President is unavailable to act personally or to appoint a deputy, and no written, standing delegation of authority covering the specifics of the situation exists, authority to act is delegated in the order listed to:)

The Provost;

The Vice-President for Administration;

The Vice-President for Research.

Who is Governed by this Policy: 

Anyone visiting campus.

Who Should Know This Policy: 

Anyone visiting campus.

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Vice President for Administration
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Reissued by Vice-President for Administration
Revision History: 

Promulgated 5/1/77 as AM 16.090

Date: 6/7/85
Reviewed and Approval Recommended by: President's Staff
Reissued by: Vice-President for Administration

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UO Policy Statement