New Graduate Programs, External Review Policy for

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In spring 1988, the Board indicated an interest in altering its program review policies. One are of concern was the need for external reviews of new graduate level programs. The Board asked staff to provide recommendations to the following two questions:

  • Should the Board conduct follow-up reviews of all new graduate level programs approved by the Board to assure that the campuses did, in fact, implement programs as they were approved to do?
  • With continuing concerns about duplication of effort among campuses at the graduate level as well as concerns about the adequacy of the Oregon University System's financial resources, how can the Board be certain that new graduate programs will meet a desired standard for quality and nonduplication of effort?

In response to these concerns, staff began working in the summer of 1988 to collect data on graduate level programs and to survey other states' approaches to graduate level program review.

Once drafted, the external review procedure was reviewed by faculty between June and November 1989. Revisions were made in the procedure as a result of this review. The recommended policy, which follows, and guidelines were approved by the Academic council at its December 13, 1989, meeting.

External Review Policy for New Graduate Programs

  1. Any new graduate program requests must be accompanied by an external review report.
  2. The Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs, working with an OUS Council of Graduate Deans, shall determine if an external review will be required for a request for a new center or institute. An external review for a center or institute should be customary if there will be a significant and long-term state investment of resources and/or the center of institute involves a significant instructional component.
  3. The Guidelines for the External Review of New Graduate Programs is the procedure to be followed for all external reviews. (A copy of those guidelines is on file in the Board's office.)
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OUS Board Policy