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Below, you will find links to the most commonly used forms, memos, and reports. 

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If we forgot something, please email kathyw@uoregon.edu, and we'll add it.

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Access Shuttle Request - Public Safety
Accounts Payable Activation Request - BA
Accounts Payable, Year End - BA
Accounts Receivable, Year End - BA
Affidavit of Forged Endorsement - BA
Alcohol: Permission to Serve Alcohol Beverages
Anonymous Crime Reporting - Public Safety
Applicant Data Request Cards - UPS
Applicant Rating (PDF) - UPS
Applications, Unclassified - Long Form (Vita or Resume Not Required) - UPS
Applications, Unclassified - Short Form (Vita or Resume Required) - UPS
Archives Transmittal Form - Library
Asset Maintenance Form - BA
Attachment Letters 8233 - BA
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Background Check Forms
Banner Access Form
BANNER Data Warehouse Access Form
Bicycle Theft Report - Public Safety
Bike Cage/Locker - Public Safety
Bill of Sale for University Property - BA
Building Information - Public Safety
Building Reserve Fund Transfer Request - BA
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Campus Visit Request form - UPS
Check Endorsement Stamp - BA
Check Request List - BA
 Check, Request for Copy of UO  - BA
Citation Petition - Public Safety
Classified Employee Recognition Award Nomination Form - HR
Classified Position Description - HR
CO-NRA Alien Info Request - BA
CO-NRA Foreign National Data Request Form - BA
Construction Permit Request - Public Safety
Copier Acquisition - Printing & Mailing Services
Copyright Clearance - Printing & Mailing Services
Credit Card Activity Request - BA
Criminal Activity Log - Public Safety
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Daily Timesheet (additional time sheet with multiple in and out boxes) - BA
Daily Timesheet Record (Student) - BA
Data Request Cards - UPS
Direct Deposit Authorization (attach void check) - BA
Disability Self Identification Form - AAEO
Disbursement Request - BA
Domestic Partner Termination Form - HR
Domestic Wire Transfer Information - BA
Driver Certification Request - Public Safety
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Ecommerce Access Authorization Form - BA
Employee Benefit Fund Request Form - HR
Employee Checklist - BA
Employee Information Form
Employee Recognition Award - HR
Employee Status Report-FMLA/Medical - HR
Employee Status Report-Workers' Compensation - Environmental Health & Safety
Employment Application: Classified, Unclassified Short Form, Unclassified Long Form
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Faculty Award Recipient Support Form - UPS
Faculty Fellowship Form - UPS
Financial Conflict of Interest Disclosure Policy & Forms - BA
Fingerprint Appointment - Public Safety
FIS/HRIS User Profile (FUP) - BA
Flexible Work Schedule Agreement - HR
FMLA Request for Leave:  Classified, Unclassified - HR
FMLA/OFLA Attendance Record - HR
Foreign Bank Draft - BA
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Gift Received by Department Report Form - BA
Gift Reporting Form - BA
GTF Forms - Graduate School
Hardship Leave Application - HR
How Candidates Learned of Position Opening (PDF) - UPS
I-9 Employment Eligibility Verification - BA
ID Request for Non-Employees - BA
Imaging System User Profile - BA
Income Tax Treaties for Independent Contractors - BA
Injury Reporting and Workers' Compensation Forms - Environmental Health & Safety
Inter-Institutional Journal Voucher - BA
International Visitors Declaration Form - BA
International Wire Transfer Information - BA
Invoice Voucher Form - BA
IRS 8233 (Employee Tax Treaty Exemption) - BA
IRS 8233 (Independent Contractor) - BA
IRS 8233 (Instructions) - BA
IRS W-7 Application for IRS Individual Taxpayer Identification Number (ITIN) - BA
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Key Order - Public Safety
Laptop Registration - Public Safety
Leave of Absence - UPS
Legal Name Change Form - BA
Limited-Duration Appointment Memo - HR
Lost Check Form - BA
Lost Check Statement - BA
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Mailing Address, Request to Change - BA
Mailing Order Form - Printing & Mailing Services
Manual Check Request Form
Mobile Technology Access and Payment Option Request
Motor Pool Checkout Card Application - BA
Name Change Form - BA
NAPO Packet - UPS
NAPO/Campus Visit Combination (Academic Affairs only. Required for tenure-related searches in CAS and Honors College, otherwise optional.) - UPS
NAPO: Notification of academic/administrative position opening
Notification of Preferred First Name - BA
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OA Position Description Form - HR
Office of State Treasurer Third Party Payment Processor Pre-Qualification - BA
OFLA/FMLA Attendance Record - HR
Organized Departmental Storeroom Template - BA
OUSCO-NRA Alien Info Request - BA
Outgoing Wire Transfer - BA
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Parking Meter Repairs - Public Safety
Password Change Request Form - IT
Pay Packet - UPS
Payroll Accounting Adjustment (PAA) - BA
Payroll Checks: Request to U.S. Mail - BA
PEBB Decline Use of SSN Form - HR
PEBB Dependent Care Flex Account Update Form- HR
PEBB Life/Disability Insurance Enrollment Form - HR
PEBB Life/Disability Insurance Update Form- HR
PEBB Medical/Dental Enrollment Form Form- HR
PEBB Medical/Dental Update Form- HR
Performance Appraisal:  Classified | IT Positions - HR
Personal Vehicle and/or Transport Passengers, Request to Use  - BA
Petty Cash:  Suggested Petty Cash Reconciliation  - BA
Petty Cash: Request for Petty Cash Advance - BA
Photo Copier Acquisition Form - Printing & Mailing Services
Physician/Practitioner Certification Form-Employee Health Condition - HR
Physician/Practitioner Certification Form-Family Member Health Condition - HR
Position Description for Academic Employees - UPS
Position Description for Administrative Employees - UPS
Position Description-Classified - HR
Position Description-OA's (OHR): Structured | Narrative | Conversation | Third-Party - HR
Pre-Tax Parking Waiver - BA
Printing Job Order Forms - Printing & Mailing Services
Property Disposition Request - BA
Property Donation Form - BA
Property Receipt Form (UO Equipment loaned to UO Employees) - BA
Purchase Orders (Forms)
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QuikPAY Access Form - BA
Request for Leave: Classified - HR
Request for Leave: Unclassified - HR
Request to Change Mailing Address - BA
Request to Hire-Classified & Temporary Positions - HR
Request to Offer Academic Staff Appointment (RTO) - UPS
Reserved Parking Application - Public Safety
Resource Aid Requisition - BA
Retirement Checklist - HR
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Sabbatical Application - UPS
Search Plan (Sample) - UPS
Signature Authorization - BA
Applicant Data Request Card for Unclassified Positions - AAEO
Singularity Access Form - BA
Skill Code Sheet-UO Classified Job Application - HR
Source of Funds - BA
Special Events Parking - Public Safety
Stationery and Business Card Ordering - Printing & Mailing Services
Student Account Petition - BA
Student Employment Form - BA
Supervisor's Accident Investigation Report (SAIR) -Risk Mgmt
Surplus Property Sales - BA
Surplus Vehicle Sales - BA
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Tax Treaties for Professors, Teachers & Researchers - BA
Tax Treaty Exemption 8233 (Optional) - BA
Temporary Employment Memo - HR
Termination of Domestic Partnership Form - HR
Timeline (Sample) - UPS
Timesheet Form (Hourly) - BA
Timesheet Form (Salaried) - BA
Timesheet Form (Temporary) - BA
Timesheet Form (Unclassified Hourly) - BA
Travel Certification Form - BA
Travel Itinerary for Trips Away from Campus - Public Safety
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Unpaid Appointment Form - BA
Vehicle Incident Report, Supervisor's - BA
Vendor Direct Deposit (ACH) Authorization - BA
Veteran's Self-Identification Form - HR
Veteran's Self-Identification Memo - HR
Virtual Merchant Access Form - BA
Visitor Permits - Public Safety
Voluntary Self-Identification Form for Employees with Disabilities - AAEO
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W-2: Request for Duplicate W-2 / 1042-S - BA
W-4 Employee's Withholding Allowance Certificate - BA
W-4 International Version - BA
W-8 Form - BA
W-8 Forms (Cover Sheet) - BA
W-9 (UO Substitute Cover Sheet) - BA
W-9 (UO Substitute) - BA
Workers' Compensation Claim Form 801 Instructions - Risk Mgmt
Work-Study Time Sheet Signature Authorization Form (Off-Campus Work-Study Only) - BA
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