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To standardize information contained in academic position announcements.

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Vacancy announcements for academic positions at the University of Oregon shall contain the tenure status of the position being offered.


When an appointing department or unit requests authorization from the Vice-President to fill an academic position, the Notice of Academic Position Opening form (NAPO) shall indicate whether the position is to be tenured, tenure-related, or of a limited-fixed-term duration, and the minimum salary. When the department or unit head and dean or director have signified their approval of the requested status and minimum salary, the form is sent to the Vice-President, who may approve or disapprove the proposed status or minimum salary. When the Vice-President signs the NAPO form, the proposed fixed-term or tenure status of the position.

All published announcements of the position and direct mailings of the position description shall contain similar information about the fixed term or tenure status of the position.

The Office of Affirmative Action shall return unsigned to the department/unit any position announcements that do not contain information about the fixed-term or tenure status of an academic position.

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02/08/2010  Policy number revised from 3.140 to 02.01.13

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UO Policy Statement