Volunteer Recognition

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To provide guidelines for services provided to and recognition of volunteers at the University of Oregon.


A volunteer is one who:

(a) provides service to the University but is not on the University payroll;

(b) is on the payroll but provides services without pay which are not substantively the same as work regularly performed and which take place outside of assigned working hours.

Policy Statement: 

It is the policy of the University of Oregon to provide certain services for and to recognize the support provided by interested volunteers.


1. All volunteers shall be given a written agreement outlining the terms and conditions of the volunteer service they will provide. (See facsimile on reverse side). Volunteers shall be registered by the home department with the Payroll office, using appropriate forms, to provide SAIF coverage.

2. At the completion of one academic year of satisfactory service, the home department should arrange with the appropriate Vice-President for the issuance of a letter of appreciation.

3. Following the first year of satisfactory volunteer service, sponsoring departments may request the issuance of a courtesy University of Oregon Associate Identification Card. This card affords the holder faculty/staff library privileges, and faculty/staff parking permit rates, athletic department and University cultural event ticket rates and physical education facility and locker rates. Sponsoring departments shall cover the cost of this card.

4. Volunteers accumulating five years of consecutive volunteer service shall be eligible to receive a University of Oregon pin and a certificate of Appreciation. This recognition shall take place at a President's reception in their honor. Sponsoring departments shall report five years of service to the Office of Human Resources which will coordinate volunteer recognition.




Welcome to the University of Oregon. Thank you for agreeing to serve as a volunteer in the _______________________ department from __________________ to _____________________________. We are very grateful for your willingness to assist us. The University could not function as it does without the help of a number of dedicated volunteers serving in campus departments.

During the time you are with us as a volunteer, you will be covered by the State Accident Insurance Fund. If you do suffer an on the job injury, you will be eligible for worker's compensation benefits. In this regard you are like any other University employee, i.e., your remedies should you be injured within the scope of your volunteer activity are limited to the compensation benefits.

You will be receiving a job description for your duties during your period of volunteer service from ________________________. I hope you will enjoy your volunteer activities here at the University. We are glad you will be with us.

Sincerely yours,

Dean, Director, or Department Head

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02/08/2010 Policy number revised from 3.700 to 03.99.01

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