Facilities: Minor Renovation Needs

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Responsible University Office And Contact Person

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To describe the process and evaluation criteria used for obtaining administration funding of minor renovations.

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Send a memorandum fully describing the nature of the renovation need by an official cost estimate prepared by Facilities Services to: Director of Facilities Services, University Planner or Vice-President for Academic Affairs.

These three administrators, acting as a review committee, make quarterly recommendations to the Vice-Presidents for funding. The review committee uses some or all of the following evaluation criteria:

  1. The projects are comparatively modest in size.
  2. Funding is not available from other, routine sources, such as operating budgets, grants, building-use credits, and/or supplies and services accounts.
  3. Timing factor demands prompt action.
  4. The project is of significant programmatic importance.
  5. The project involves issues of health and safety of faculty, staff, students, and general public, or the security and preservation of institutional property.
  6. The project or need transcends building, departmental, or school interests.
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President's Staff
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Vice-President for Administration
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02/08/2010 Policy number revised from 6.000 to 06.00.06

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UO Policy Statement