Return of Overhead Charges on Continuing Education and Designated Operations Activities

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To inform deans/directors/budget managers concerning overhead charges

Policy Statement: 

All Continuing Education funds (both for-credit and not-for-credit in any fund group), and all Designated Operations funds will be assessed an 8 percent overhead charge. In special circumstances and upon the written request of the fund manager, the provost or appropriate vice president may reimburse or waive some or all of the overhead charge. The following criteria may be used in deciding whether or not to reimburse an activity.

  • If the activity primarily involves secondary students and has potential positive recruiting consequences for the University;
  • If the activity is planned to continue over some time, entails some risk in the undertaking, and will require expending funds for setup costs before significant income can be earned.
  • If the University is selected as the site of the annual meeting of a prestigious national professional association or otherwise hosts an event that brings additional distinction to the University.

The provost or other vice president will consult from time to time with the Associate Vice President for Budget and Finance concerning the effect of overhead collections decisions upon the university's income budgets.

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President's Small Executive Staff
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Associate Vice President for Budget and Finance
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Supersedes: 01/07/1988 "Return of Overhead Charges on Continuing Education Activities"
07/01/2002  Effective Date
07/01/2002  Reviewed and Approval Recommended by President's Small Executive Staff
07/01/2002  Reissued by Associate Vice President for Budget and Finance
02/08/2010 Policy number revised from 9.000 to 06.00.07

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UO Policy Statement