Animals in Research and Instruction, Institutional Use of

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To establish University of Oregon policies for the proper care and use of animals in research and instruction.

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The purpose of research and instruction involving animals at the University of Oregon is the improvement of human or animal health, the advancement of knowledge, or the good of society. This purpose must always be satisfied. The use of animals should only be considered when no other practical alternative exists. When animals must be used, projects will be of sound design and offer every practical safeguard to the animals.


Care and use of animals is monitored by the Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee (IACUC) whose responsibility it is to oversee the animal program, facilities, and procedures as prescribed by Public Health Services (PHS) policies and guidelines. The IACUC membership must also conform to PHS standards and requirements. Committee members are appointed by the Vice President for Research.

As required by PHS policy and regulations, the IACUC shall maintain three documents on file in the office of the Director of Animal Services and in the Office of the Vice President for Research. These documents are a Code of Ethics conforming to PHS standards and to this policy statement, a protocol synopsis of proposed animal use, and a letter to animal users describing the process for protocol review. Persons considering the use of animals in research or teaching may obtain copies of the Code of Ethics and the protocol synopsis from the Director of Animal Services.

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03/08/1989 Revision Recommended for Approval by Policy Adoption Advisory Committee
03/09/1989 Approved by President Olum
Supersedes all earlier policies issued on this subject
02/08/2010 Policy number revised from 1.000 to 09.00.01

6/19/13 - Change owner from Beth Stormshack to Patrick Phillips.

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