Bicycle Licensing, Use and Parking

Reason for Policy: 

This policy outlines matters pertaining to the licensing, use and parking of bicycles on the University of Oregon campus.

Entities Affected by this Policy: 

All students and employees of the UO, and visitors to the UO, who use bicycles.

Responsible Office: 

For questions about this policy, please contact Parking and Transportation at 541-346-5444.

Enactment & Revision History: 

Technical revisions enacted by the University Secretary on September 3, 2015.

Became a University of Oregon Policy by operation of law on July 1, 2014.

Former Oregon Administrative Rule Chapter 571 Division 10, Sections 0070 through 0095.


A. Bicycle Registration Required

All faculty, staff and students who operate, store or park bicycles on the University of Oregon campus shall register their bicycles with the University of Oregon Office of Public Safety and shall have attached to them a valid, University-issued license/registration tag:

(1) University-issued bicycle registration tags shall be displayed below the bicycle seat on the bicycle frame facing forward.

(2) Each bicycle shall be registered during the term its owner first is enrolled as a student and/or is employed at the University of Oregon. Bicycle licenses shall be renewed each two years thereafter. Lifelong permits and courtesy permits are also available.

(3) Illegible or defaced bicycle registration tags shall be replaced within 30 days at 1/2 the regular registration fee.

(4) Bicycle license/registration fees are published annually as a listing within  UO Policy 570.060 under the subheading, Parking-Bicycle Fees.

(5) Unregistered bicycles owned by faculty, staff, students or frequent campus visitors are subject to citation and fine. The first five citations issued any academic term to unregistered bicycles owned by campus visitors shall be eligible for waiver of the fine. After the fifth citation in any one term, visitors shall then be liable for the fine by reason of further citations that term.

(6) Bicycles not registered with the Office of Public Safety are subject to impoundment.

B. Bicycle Use on Campus

Bicycle riders on the University of Oregon campus are subject to the applicable provisions of Oregon Revised Statutes, Oregon Vehicle Code, which include but are not limited to the following:

(1) Bicycle riders shall proceed cautiously at all times, even on designated bicycle lanes and on designated bicycle routes.

(2) Bicycle lanes and routes are marked on the University campus, and bicycle riders shall use such lanes when classes are in session, e.g., Monday through Friday from 7:30 a.m. until 5 p.m. during each academic term. Sidewalks are not bicycle lanes or routes unless so designated by signage or markings when classes are in session. Bicycle riders who fail to use designated bicycle lanes or routes during these hours are subject to citation and fine.

(3) Bicycle riders shall yield the right-of-way to pedestrians and disabled persons at all times and in all places and shall give an audible warning when overtaking a pedestrian from behind. Bicycle riders who fail to observe this section of the rule are subject to citation and fine.

(4) All bicycles shall be equipped with brakes good enough to skid on clean, dry pavement. Riders on bicycles not equipped with such brakes are subject to citation and fine.

(5) Starting one-half hour after sunset and until 1/2 hour before sunrise, all bicycles (or their riders) while in motion shall be equipped with a white light operating and visible 500 feet ahead and a red reflector visible 600 feet to the rear while on University property. Failure to display the light and reflector makes the rider subject to citation and fine.

(6) In cases of bicycle collision involving pedestrian(s), other bicycles or other vehicles, the individuals involved shall render aid as appropriate and call the Office of Public Safety for assistance. Individuals involved in such collisions shall remain at the site of the accident until released by the attending Public Safety Officer. When collisions result in injury, the filing of a written accident report by the appropriate parties is required. Failure to render aid or to file an accident report when applicable may subject the person(s) involved to citation and fine.

(7) Bicycle riders who fail to obey signs instructing them to dismount and to walk their bicycles on posted walks, lanes, or in other posted areas are subject to citation and fine. For the purposes of this policy, dismount and walk shall mean that the bicycle rider shall completely get off of the bicycle and walk along side the bicycle.

C. Bicycle Parking

Bicycles shall be parked, stored or left outdoors on the University campus only in areas specifically designated by the presence of racks or other devices for the parking of bicycles or by the posting of signs designating the space or area as a "Bicycle Parking Area":

(1) Bicycles may be parked, stored or left inside University buildings only in areas specifically designed and posted for bicycle parking.

(2) Bicycles may be stored, parked or left in any area or room which has been assigned to the registered bicycle owner, e.g., office, residence hall room or student family living quarters.

(3) Parked, stored or left bicycles which create a safety hazard will be removed and impounded. All other bicycles parked, stored or left in unauthorized locations will be cited and/or secured by a chain or other restraining device. If so secured, the citation tag will describe procedure to be followed by owner to reclaim use of the bicycle. See also UO Policy 571.010.0070-95(E):

(a) University security officers or other personnel authorized to remove and impound bicycles shall not be liable to the owner of the securing device or the bicycle for the cost of repair or replacement of such securing device;

(b) Owners of securing devices which have been damaged during the impounding process may appeal the impound fee to the Traffic Petitions Office, c/o Office of Public Safety. See UO Policy 571.010.0005-65(D);

(c) Bicycles left abandoned for one month shall be subject to impoundment.

D. Authority to Remove or Impound Bicycles

The President of the University of Oregon designates the Director of Public Safety as the University administrator responsible for the operation of the University's bicycle policies:

(1) Any University security officer or other person specifically authorized by the Director of Public Safety may impound any parked, stored or left bicycle causing a safety hazard or cite any bicycle rider who violates University bicycle policies.

(2) Notices of impoundment shall be sent as soon as practical and whenever possible to their owners of all bicycles removed to the impoundment storage area.

(3) Individuals who wish to appeal any impound action or citation given by authorized members of the Office of Public Safety shall address their written appeals to the University's Traffic Petitions Office, c/o the Public Safety Office. See Policy 571.010.0005-65(D).

E. Bicycle Penalties, Citations, and Fines

(1) Any impounded bicycle shall be stored in a secure facility designated for such purpose by the Director of Public Safety.

(2) A fine (see section E(4) of this policy) shall be charged to the owner prior to the release of any impounded bicycle. Any bicycle being released must be properly registered prior to its release unless the owner or the owner's designee can show reasonable proof that the bicycle will not be operated on the University campus or, if the owner is neither a student nor University employee, that the bicycle will not be on campus more often than five times a term.

(3) Citations for violations by bicycle riders shall carry a fine:

(a) A schedule of fines shall be published annually as a part of UO Policy 570.060, under the subheading Parking-Bicycle Fines, of UO Policy 570.060(A), Special Fees, Fines, Penalties, Service Charges;

(b) As an alternative to a fine, cited bicycle riders/owners may be required to serve as a member of the Bicycle Safety Patrol at a rate of one hour of service for every dollar of the fine levied.

(4) Copies of Policy 571.060(A) listing current bicycle fees and fines are on file and available for public inspection in the Office of Business Affairs, Office of Public Safety, Office of the ASUO President, as well as the offices of all Vice-Presidents, deans, department heads and directors.

(5) Fees and fines collected pursuant to this bicycle policy shall be credited to the parking account and expended for the administration of the University's bicycle program.

(6) Bicycles which are unclaimed after having been found on the University campus or in its buildings and facilities shall be held for a minimum of three months at which time the owners shall be presumed to have relinquished their legal title. Bicycles which have been impounded shall be held for a minimum of three months at which time the owners shall be presumed to have relinquished their legal title. All such unclaimed bicycles shall be sold at scheduled public auction without reserve. The proceeds of such auction shall be credited to the parking account and expended for the administration of the University's bicycle program.

F. Changes in Bicycle Licensing, Use, and Parking Policy

Any faculty, staff, student or visitor may present in writing recommendations for changes in or amendments to University bicycle licensing, use and parking policy to the Office of Public Safety:

(1) Such recommendations, to be effective the following fall term, must be filed prior to May 1 of each school year.

(2) Recommendations will be presented to the Transportation Sub-Committee of the Campus Planning Committee for consideration. Recommendations receiving the endorsement of the Campus Planning Committee will be forwarded to the Vice-President for Administration for consideration for promulgation as proposed amendments to the policies in effect.

Original Source: 
Oregon Administrative Rule