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Academic Classification and Rank UO Policy Statement II.02.05
Athletic Department Substance Use and Drug Testing III.07.01
Academic Freedom UO Policy Statement 01.00.19
Appointment and Promotion of Instructors and Senior Instructors UO Policy Statement 02.01.01
Allegations of Research Misconduct UO Policy Statement 09.00.02 II.06.02
Articles and Activities Prohibited at Athletic Facilities Oregon Administrative Rule 571.050.0011 IV.07.04
Animal Control Oregon Administrative Rule 571.050.0025 IV.05.02
Access Control Oregon Administrative Rule 571.050.0035 IV.07.03
Admission Requirements Oregon Administrative Rule 580.010.0001-5
Academic Freedom Oregon Administrative Rule 580.022.0005
Availability to Faculty Members of Objective Information Oregon Administrative Rule 580.022.0115
Academic Calendar Internal Management Directive IMD 2.025 II.01.01
Academic Continuity and Emergency Grades UO Policy Statement N/A II.01.06
Academic Employment: Appointment, Promotion, Tenure & Salary Procedures OUS Board Policy OUS 03 OUS 03
Admission Policy, Second Language OUS Board Policy OUS 07