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Procurement and Contracting: Code of Ethics IV.09.02
Payment Card Acceptance IV.04.01
Political Activities V.11.01
Printing and Mailing 06.00.01 IV.04.29
Procurement and Contracting OUS Board Policy 580.061 IV.09.06
Protection of Minors and Reporting of Child Abuse UO Policy Statement IV.05.06
Professional Development and Training Policy UO Policy Statement 03.08.01
Preferred First Name UO Policy Statement 05.00.05 III.09.01
Physical and Environmental Security UO Policy Statement IV.05.03
Post Tenure Review UO Policy Statement 02.01.17
Posthumous Degrees, Conferral Of UO Policy Statement II.01.50
Prohibited Discrimination and Retaliation UO Policy Statement V.11.02
Proprietary Research UO Policy Statement II.06.05
Parental Leave UO Policy Statement V.09.01
Payment Options for Mobile Technology UO Policy Statement 06.00.11 IV.04.04
Purchasing and Contracts for Goods and Services Oregon Administrative Rule 580.062 IV.09.05
Proscribed Conduct Oregon Administrative Rule 580.022.0045
Parking Oregon Administrative Rule 571.010.0005-65 IV.08.02