Equal Opportunity

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Policy Statement: 

The Oregon State Board of Higher Education recognizes the importance of appropriate higher education opportunities for all citizens of the state. The Board is committed in its Strategic Plan to recruit and build a more diverse student population and workplace.

It is the Board's intent that women and minority students be appropriately represented in academic programs at the undergraduate and graduate levels. It is also the Board's intent that women and minorities be appropriately represented in the administrative staff and in the teaching and research faculty.

Institution presidents have primary responsibility for developing and implementing programs to enhance enrollment and graduation of women and minority students and for achieving a diversified workforce by maintaining affirmative action plans; the appropriate social-educational climate; and other relevant conditions, policies, and practices. The Chancellor is responsible for developing and implementing similar plans, conditions, policies and practices in the Board's office. As a matter of law, as well as policy, the Chancellor shall evaluate the performance in these areas of presidents and other officers reporting to him. (See Board's policy on Executive Management, and Evaluation of Chief Administrators.)

The Chancellor shall report to the Board at the December meeting each year concerning the efforts and achievements with respect to equal opportunity and affirmative action objectives in enrollment and employment during the prior fiscal year. Special recognition shall be given in the report to those institutions that have achieved the stated goals or that have made superior efforts to those ends. Attention also will be called to institutions that have demonstrated unsatisfactory progress or efforts.

The Board further intends, as a matter of policy, that minority and women-owned business enterprises have equal opportunity in contracting, subcontracting, and supplying materials for capital construction projects undertaken by the Board.

Revision History: 

01 July 2014 - Became a UO policy by operation of law

22 November 1985 - Adopted by the SBHE

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OUS Board Policy