Oregon Honors Scholarship Program

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Policy Statement: 

Awards in the amount of $1,000 (as a deduction against the out-of-state instruction fee), renewable for a maximum of four years, are granted to attract highly qualified nonresident scholars who might otherwise elect not to attend System institutions because of the high nonresident instruction fee. A maximum of $500,000 plus the number of continuing students times $1,000 in nonresident fee remission is available for this purpose each year.

The number of new students each year shall be limited to the following distribution (unused quota in a given year will not be continued into an ensuing year):


           Institution                        Undergraduates                               Graduates                                   Total

                UO                                                  100                                                   20                                            120

                OSU                                                100                                                   20                                            120

                PSU                                                  75                                                   10                                             85

                WOU                                               50                                                   10                                             60

                SOU                                                 50                                                   10                                             60

                EOU                                                    0                                                     5                                               5

                OIT                                                   50                                                     0                                             50

                        TOTAL                                    425                                                   75                                            500


The institutions shall establish standards and procedures for administering the award program, including criteria to determine outstanding academic programs (high school grades) and potential for college success (test scores) and indication that the student probably would not attend or continue without this incentive. Scholarships continue for students enrolled in good standing as long as the student is classified as a nonresident. Students who become resident students for fee purposes are no longer eligible for the Oregon Honors Scholarship Program.

Institutions shall record the basis on which academic potential was determined and track the continued enrollment for each recipient. Quota use (new and continuing students) shall be reported to the Office of Academic Affairs annually. Unused quota in a given year will not be continued into an ensuing year. Students who received Oregon Honors Scholarships in 1983-84 and 1984-85, and who are currently enrolled, will be reported in the quota use tally; students who received residency exceptions based on merit in 1983-84 and 1984-85 will not be reported in the continuing quota count.

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OUS Board Policy