University of Oregon

Policy Statement

4.000 Facilities Services, Equipment, and Facilities

Title: Campus Catering Services

Purpose: To describe agencies and caterers authorized to provide food and beverage services on the University of Oregon campus.


University Housing is the authorized caterer for events scheduled in University campus facilities.

For the purpose of this policy, catering is defined as the provision and service of food and/or beverages to any group or persons on University property. With prior approval from the Vice-President for Administration or his designee, Departments may use caterers from off campus provided they operate in compliance with local Health Department regulations including a valid license for the specific operation, and complete a Food Vendor/Catering Letter of Agreement. Organized student groups may prepare and serve food within University facilities under the supervision and approval of University Housing and/or EMU.

Service of alcoholic beverages at public events scheduled in University facilities must comply with UO alcohol service standards and guidelines. Copies of the guidelines are available in the Office of the Vice President for Administration.


1. Contracts for coin-operated vending machines and leased spaces providing food/or beverages.

2. Erb Memorial Union and Athletic Department food service operations.

3. Food and beverages for the consumption of Department affiliated individuals only and not intended to be served or sold to the general public or campus community.

Date: 3/1/85

Approved by: President's Staff

Date: 10/11/00

Revisions approved by President's Staff

Issued by: Vice-President for Administration

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