Student Employment Interviews

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To describe the University's policy on providing employment interviews for students

Policy Statement: 

The University of Oregon administration believes that all prospective employers should be free to interview, recruit, or make presentations about their organizations and that all students should be free to determine whether they desire to participate in such activities.

The scheduling of a prospective employer's representative on the University of Oregon campus is not an endorsement of the employer or of the employer's organization's policies by the University. This attitude constitutes application of the same principle that has prevailed in the scheduling of campus speakers.

Coordination of and arrangements for employment interviews are the responsibility of the Career Center. Arrangements for interviews take into consideration:

  • (a) The number of students who are likely to be interested in talking with the prospective employer;
  • (b) Any exhibitions which the prospective employer desires to display;
  • (c) Whether or not the prospective employer desires to have a group meeting of interested students which is to be followed by individual interviews, or whether individual interviews are to be arranged; and
  • (d) Approved University procedures for use of its facilities.

Recruiting representatives of prospective employers, whether public or private are treated equally.

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President's Staff
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Associate Provost for Student Affairs
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05/01/1977 Promulgated as AM 16.080
06/07/1985 Reviewed and recommended by President's Staff
06/07/1985 Reissued by Associate Provost for Student Affairs
02/08/2010 Policy number revised from 1.000 to 01.00.09
02/08/2011 Reviewed.  No changes necessary.
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UO Policy Statement