Child Care: Support for Parent Initiated Child Care in the Workplace

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To Facilitate Parent-Initiated Child Care in the Workplace

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The University is committed to helping employees balance their work and family responsibilities. To support their efforts, the University asks each department to consider proposals for employee-initiated child care arrangements in the workplace and to respond equitably.

To the extent that job responsibilities of the involved parents and their work associates are not impaired, and space is available, directors and department heads shall permit care of children of its employees to occur within its facilities during working hours according to guidelines and procedures set forth by the Child and Family Services Administrator.

Employees seeking to arrange for such care shall contact the Child and Family Services Administrator to establish a proposal which shall be reviewed and approved by the respective dean or director and, if approved, shall be submitted to the appropriate Vice-President for final determination.

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President's Staff
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Vice-President for Administration
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02/08/2010 Policy number revised from 3.700 to 03.12.02

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UO Policy Statement