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To set forth guidelines to meet the University's commitment to support members of the campus community with family responsibilities. This policy is intended to encourage consideration and reasonable accommodation, but does not limit or replace any other personnel rules or policies.

In accordance with Oregon Revised Statute 326.785, family, for the purpose of this policy, is defined as a group of individuals related by blood, marriage or adoption, or individuals whose functional relationships are similar to those found in such associations.

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Recognizing the vital role the family plays in the well-being and productivity of its students, staff and faculty, the University of Oregon is committed to helping its members balance their work, educational and family responsibilities. The organizational benefits of family support, as established by national research, include improved employee motivation, morale and capacity for service. These immediate and long-range benefits emphasize the importance of implementing family-support practices.

In order to create an environment that results in high productivity while responding positively to the family issues of its members, the University asks deans, directors, department heads and supervisors to:

Recognize the existence and importance of family responsibilities;

Work with employees and students to understand and accommodate their needs;

Establish and implement flexible and responsive practices whenever possible to accommodate employee needs in ways that remain consistent with unit goals.

This respectful and supportive environment shall include the continuation of a professional, non-demeaning atmosphere for women who become pregnant and recognition of the legitimacy of requests for reasonable accommodation due to family responsibilities and consideration of such request without recrimination. Requests may include but are not limited to reasonable accommodation in committee meeting times and assignments, flexible work schedules, reserved parking permits, children occasionally in the classroom or workplace, accommodation of space and time for nursing mothers, adjustments to student and faculty deadlines and allocation of resources.

Within these guidelines, the responsibility for determining the relevance, feasibility, and timing of implementation of family support practices that produce mutually beneficial solutions rests with the individual's supervisor. Safety concerns and avoidance of disruptions to regular activities will always be factors in such determination.


Deans, directors and department heads are responsible for implementing this policy, and for assisting unit heads and supervisors adopting successful strategies for family support. The President's office will promulgate this policy and periodically solicit information from each vice-president describing successful strategies for family support.

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02/08/2010 Policy number revised from 3.02 to 02.12.01

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