Student Eligibility for Activities

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To describe student status and student eligibility for activities and office holding.

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A student who is suspended or expelled from the University or who is disqualified for enrollment by the Scholastic Review Committee or Admissions Office is denied all privileges of student status at this institution.

No student may participate in intercollegiate athletic competition unless the student has been certified eligible by the Faculty Athletic Representative. A student is automatically ineligible for any such certification unless the student is currently enrolled as a regular student in good standing, carrying at least 12 term hours of work. (A light load is permitted for senior and graduate students in their final term of enrollment, if conferral of the degree will not be delayed.) The rules of the National Collegiate Athletic Association, and of the Pacific 10 Conference, govern in questions of athletic eligibility.

To be eligible for holding office in the ASUO, students shall be registered at the University on the Eugene campus. All elective and appointed officers and candidates for election shall meet such academic requirements as are or shall be set forth in the ASUO Constitution or By-Laws in the form in which they are filed with the President of the University. No student shall be eligible as a candidate for an office or to hold office unless certified by the Director of Erb Memorial Union as having met all of the above requirements. The ASUO shall notify the President of the University prior to the effective date of any changes in eligibility requirements.

Officers of all registered and all recognized student organizations of the University of Oregon must be members of the University community (students, faculty, staff, and members of their immediate families) and meet any additional requirements set by the Associated Students of the University of Oregon.

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President's Staff
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Vice Provost for Student Affairs
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06/07/1972  Approved by Faculty Assembly

05/01/1977  Issued as AM 17.030

10/04/1985  Reviewed and Approval Recommended by President's Staff

02/08/2010  Policy number revised from 5.000 to 05.00.02

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UO Policy Statement