Student Records Policy

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To describe the University of Oregon philosophy on the maintenance and use of, and access to, student records.

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Higher Education is concerned with the full development of student potential. Individuals differ in ability, background, interests, social maturity, emotional maturity and goals. To plan educational opportunities to meet the needs of individual students and to counsel effectively with them, the University must accumulate data and keep records. The personal records enable the faculty and administrators of the University to understand the individual student better and to provide more effective education and counseling assistance.

From the time a student enters the University of Oregon and submits the required personal data for academic and personal records, there is an implicit and justified assumption of good faith placed upon the University as custodian of these materials. The University maintains a similar posture relative to subsequent data generated during the student's enrollment. Preserving the confidential nature of student records protects the individual's rights to privacy and enhances the effectiveness of the University's educational and counseling processes. Accordingly, the University of Oregon shall exercise care and concern in obtaining, recording, maintaining, and disseminating information about students, with duplication of records kept at a minimum.

The complete text of the University of Oregon Student Records Policy, which takes precedence over all other published versions, is found in the Oregon Administrative Rules Chapter 571 and available at Additional resources can be accessed through the Office of the Registrar's website at


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President's Staff
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Vice President for Student Affairs
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05/01/1977  Promulgated as AM 16.160 (see also OAR 571-21-005 to -080)
10/04/1985  Reviewed and recommended by President's Staff
02/08/2010 Policy number revised from 5.000 to 05.00.04
07/05/2011 Reviewed and minor updates completed.
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UO Policy Statement