Building Use Credits (Allocation of)

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To explain the policy and procedures to be followed in the allocation of Building Use Credits.

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The University periodically distributes Building Use Credits funds to Schools, Colleges and administrative units for various small rehabilitation and remodeling projects. These funds are derived from the overhead generated by grants and contracts performed within the University. The use of these funds is limited to facility renovation and rehabilitation. The Oregon State Board of Higher Education Financial Administration Standard Operating Manual Section 01.26A and Section 0.04D outline Board guidelines for the expenditure of Building Use Credits.

1. Building Use Credits are distributed four times a year to provide a relatively timely response to critical situations. Quarterly distribution tends to even out the workload for estimators, designers and other Facilities Services workers who may be engaged in the implementation of these projects.

2. Requests from Deans and Directors should be directed to the appropriate Vice-President or to that Vice President's designee. Each Dean and Director should determine how best to solicit requests from department heads and others within that individual's jurisdiction.

Building Use Credit requests are to be made by a simple memorandum. The request should describe the need for the proposed project, outline generally the nature of the proposed improvement, and identify the building(s) and room(s) involved. It also should include a reasonably recent and reliable estimate of costs to be obtained from the Facilities Services estimator.

3. As soon as a proposal is received, it will be reviewed by the Vice-President to determine the extent and urgency of need and its eligibility for funding from Building Use Credits. Simultaneously, it will be reviewed by the Campus Planning Office to determine the necessity for further review by others, including the Campus Planning Committee. If additional reviews are required or if the proposal presents programmatic questions requiring additional consultation, appropriate referrals will be made automatically and the affected Dean(s) or Director(s) will be notified.

4. In mid-February, May, August and November, the President and Vice-Presidents will review proposals collected and cleared during the preceding three months. The amount of funds available for the quarterly distribution will be determined, and the relative priorities of the proposals in hand will be established.

5. Projects approved for funding will be identified, and the Vice President for Resource Management will be instructed to request the Board's Office to transfer the funds.

Deans and Directors will be advised of the status of their requests. Proposals given priority but not funded will be carried forward to the next cycle, where they will be evaluated in relation to other proposals then under consideration.

6. Upon notification of OSSHE approval, the Vice-President for Administration will authorize Facilities Services to proceed with project implementation.

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02/08/2010  Policy number revised from 6.000 to 06.00.03

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