Respiratory Protection Program

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To establish the procedures and requirements necessary for the protection of all employees and students from respiratory hazards.
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It is the policy of the University of Oregon to assure, as far as possible, safe and healthful working and living conditions for employees and students.  This commitment extends to respiratory hazards. The Department of Public Safety, through the Office of Environmental Health and Safety (OEHS), is authorized to develop and implement procedures that are necessary for the safe use of respiratory protection equipment. OEHS personnel have authority to halt any operation at the University where there is a likelihood of personal injury from respiratory hazards. Respirators are to be used only where engineering control of respiratory hazards is not feasible, while engineering controls are being installed, or in emergencies.

To assist employees, students, supervisors, and the faculty, the Environmental Health and Safety Office has written and made available for affected University personnel a Respirator User Guide. Copies will be provided to users.  Departments engaged in hazardous work where respirators are used are required to send all affected employees and students to OEHS for medical history review, training, and fit testing before using a respirator. Departments shall not issue respiratory protection equipment, but may stock replacement parts. All equipment and cartridges are supplied through OEHS. Costs will be recharged to the employee's department or paid directly by the student.

A respirator will not be issued to, nor used by a person with an excess amount of facial hair. Beards are expressly prohibited; other conditions will be examined on a case-by-case basis. Respirators and cartridges will be assigned to individuals, not to a department, section shop, or group.

All activities involving the use of respiratory protection equipment in facilities controlled by the University of Oregon shall be conducted in compliance with applicable Oregon Administrative Rules and the Respirator User Guide.

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President's Staff
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Vice-President for Administration
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05/04/1984  Originally issued

01/11/1991  Revised

07/24/1991  Reviewed and Adoption Recommended by President's Staff

02/08/2010  Policy number revised from 8.000 to 08.00.05

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UO Policy Statement