State Vehicle Requirements

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Reason for Policy: 

To inform persons planning to operate state vehicles of University requirements and limitations.

Policy Statement: 
  1. Individual must have a valid operator's license.
  2. Individual must be able to operate standard state vehicles.
  3. ALL student drivers must be cleared by the Department of Public Safety through the Department of Motor Vehicles, in Salem, to ascertain license validity and driving record prior to use of any state vehicle.
  4. Clearance for students will be granted only upon written request from student's sponsoring department.

Should a driver of a state vehicle be involved in an accident, such incident will be brought before and reviewed by the University's Accident Review Board, which may determine that said driver will be required to attend a defensive driving class.

Citizen's complaints, if found to be valid, and citations issued by State Police may result in revocation of driving privileges involving use of state vehicles.

Revision History: 
02/08/2010 Policy number revised from 8.000 to 08.00.01
Original Source: 
UO Policy Statement