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Facilities and Operations, Closure Of IV.07.02
Facilities Scheduling UO Policy Statement 04.00.05
Facilities, Naming of IV.07.01
Facilities: Minor Renovation Needs UO Policy Statement 06.00.06
Faculty Career Support Program Internal Management Directive IMD 4.001
Faculty Records Policy Oregon Administrative Rule 571.030
Faculty: Appointment and Promotion of Instructors and Senior Instructors UO Policy Statement 02.01.01
Faculty: Hiring of Tenure-Related Faculty Without Terminal Degrees UO Policy Statement 02.01.14
Faculty: Hiring of Women and Minority Faculty Members UO Policy Statement 02.01.15
Faculty: Initial Hire Salary Factors UO Policy Statement 02.01.08
Faculty: Merit Increase Factors UO Policy Statement 02.01.03
Faculty: Non-Tenure Track Faculty (NTTF) UO Policy Statement 02.01.20
Faculty: Overload Compensation UO Policy Statement 02.01.18
Faculty: Parental Accommodation Policy for Officers of Instruction UO Policy Statement 02.01.19
Faculty: Promotion and Tenure Files - Access to Information in the Closed Portion UO Policy Statement 02.01.16
Faculty: Promotion Salary Statement UO Policy Statement 02.01.06
Faculty: Rights and Privileges of Emeritus Faculty UO Policy Statement 02.01.10
Faculty: Salary Adjustments UO Policy Statement 02.01.07
Faculty: Salary Information Provided to Finalist Candidates UO Policy Statement 02.01.11
Faculty: Special Stipends UO Policy Statement 02.01.12
Faculty: Tenure Extension of Probationary Period Because of New Baby or Childbirth or Adoption UO Policy Statement 02.01.05
Faculty: Vacancy Announcements UO Policy Statement 02.01.13
Family Housing Governance Oregon Administrative Rule 571.022.0020-80
Family Housing Rental Rates, Fees, Charges, and Eligibility, Areas Oregon Administrative Rule 571.022.0100-105
Family Relationships and Employment Oregon Administrative Rule 571.004.0005
Family Support UO Policy Statement 03.12.01
Fellowships: Payment of Uncompensated Salary and Other Personnel Expenses (OPE) on Major Fellowships UO Policy Statement 02.01.09
Finance and Business Affairs Internal Management Directive IMD 6
Financial Aid to Students, General Policy Internal Management Directive IMD 3.010-015
Financial Irregularities UO Policy Statement 06.00.09
Fire Marshall Safety Inspections UO Policy Statement 08.00.06
Firearms IV.05.05
Fraud, Waste, and Abuse Reporting Internal Management Directive IMD 5
Freedom of Inquiry and Free Speech UO Policy Statement 01.00.16
Fund Raising Oregon Administrative Rule 571.011
Fund Raising on Campus, Authorization of UO Policy Statement 06.00.04