Thank you for visiting the University of Oregon Policy Library!

On this site, you can…

Find existing UO Policies.  The “Find a Policy” tab allows you to search by key word or sort alphabetically.  Each policy contains the timeline for its enactment and revision history. If you wish to see an older version of a policy, please email uopolicy@uoregon.edu.

Each policy also includes contact information for the Responsible Office, which is the office that can answer questions about the policy’s substance.

See what policies are currently under review by the President’s Policy Advisory Council (PAC).  The PAC is an advisory group that doesn’t focus on substance, but instead focuses on proper review and process for any changes to a UO policy.  Its charge is available here.

Find historic agendas and policy concepts from previous PAC meetings. It’s important to remember that only those policies posted on the official policy page are in effect. However, this background information may be useful if you wish to see the types of changes proposed.


If you have any questions or feedback regarding a UO Policy or the Policy Library, please email uopolicy@uoregon.edu.