Mail and Delivery Service on Campus

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Reason for Policy: 

To describe the service provided the University's campus mail delivery operation.

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Enactment & Revision History: 

Policy number revised from 04.00.02 to IV.04.30 on 11/2/15

Policy number revised from 4.000 to 04.00.02 on 02/08/2010

Reviewed and Approved By: President's Staff 10/04/1983

Issued by: Vice-President for Administration 10/04/1983



University mail delivery and addressing services are available only to University departments, committees, registered employee groups registered or recognized student groups and employees conducting University business. These services are not available to non-University organizations or persons, or to University organizations, employees, or students in connection with their conduct of non-University business, personal activities, or political activities.

  • Volume IV: Finance, Administration and Infrastructure
  • Chapter 4: Business affairs
Responsible Office: 

For questions about this policy, please contact the Vice President of Finance and Administration at 541-346-3003 or