Class Size

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OUS 13
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Office of the Senior Vice President and Provost: (541) 346-3186,

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01 July 2014 - Became a UO policy by operation of law

25 April 1962 - Adopted by the SBHE


Unless a compelling educational reason exists, no lower division section enrolling fewer than ten students will be continued. The responsibility for determining whether a compelling educational reason exists for a particular class will be exercised by the institutional executives through their instructional deans. At the upper division level, regular class sections enrolling fewer than ten students will be discouraged. It is recognized, nonetheless, that upper division electives and required sequences in specialized curricula may make it necessary to offer classes below the standard of ten students at the upper division level in more numerous instances than at the lower division level. Seminars, thesis, and reading and conference offerings are not to be construed as regular classes for purposes of this standard.

Because of the individualized nature of graduate study, no specific standard related to class size is proposed at the post-baccalaureate level.

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OUS Board Policy