Community College Transfer

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Policy Statement: 

The Committee on Academic Affairs, Personnel, and Public Affairs recommended that the Board of Higher Education adopt the following transfer policies covering the transfer of community college credits into System institutions:

Effective spring term 1972, System institutions shall accept for credit all college transfer work completed in an Oregon or other accredited community college by the transferring student in the first 108 quarter hours of work he completes toward baccalaureate degree requirements (an increase of 15 credit hours over the 93 credit hours presently accepted).

It should be emphasized, however, that it will be to the advantage of some community college students—those enrolled in subject matter fields in which the course of study is highly specialized, for instance—to transfer into a four-year institution before the completion of two years' work in a community college. To guide community college students in their program planning, the System will continue to make available to community colleges annually the catalog Recommended Transfer Curricula, which sets forth detailed term-by-term courses of study in a wide range of subject fields.

System institutions also shall provide for flexibility in their policies so as to allow for consideration by an appropriate institutional agency or official of petitions from students who, already having completed 108 credit hours of work applicable to baccalaureate degree requirements, find that the baccalaureate program worked out with the System institution permits additional lower division work, and who, for defensible reasons, desire to complete some portion of that work in a community college.

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OUS Board Policy