Policy Library Website

The University of Oregon Policy Library website was created in order to provide a central location and reference point for University policies and procedures.  This website is an ongoing effort to make University policies more accessible, understood, and consistent for the entire University community.

UO Institutional Policy Statements

The focus of this website is primarily University of Oregon Policy Statements.  In developing this website, existing University of Oregon Policy Statements have been transferred in their current format without review or revision.  These statements will continue to be reviewed and will be revised or rescinded at a later date. The organizational schema for University of Oregon Policy Statements is derived, for the most part, from the former University of Oregon Policy Statements.  However, there are several changes including renaming of categories and listing of additional policy categories. A crosswalk between the previous and current organizational schema of University of Oregon Policy Statements is available.

UO Operational Policies & Practices

The Policy Library provides links, where possible, to operational policies and practices that are specific to colleges, departments, and other university units for which they are responsible for maintenance and communication. Please consult individual units for additional policies, procedures, and guidance or if you have any questions.

Linking to the Policy Library

University of Oregon Policy Statements published elsewhere are not considered official as they may not reflect the most current revisions or additions.  To avoid redundant, inconsistent, or outdated policy statements, please provide links or references to the policy statements in the UO Policy Library.