Faculty: Initial Hire Salary Factors

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To identify and to record the factors influencing the amount of initial hire salary. To identify and locate the three official files maintained for each faculty member.

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The factors actually used in determining the salary of a new academic employee at the University of Oregon shall be recorded and placed in the faculty member's file.


After the successful applicant has accepted the position at an agreed upon salary, the dean/director, department/unit head or program/institute director shall write a statement to accompany the request for the faculty member's Notice of Appointment that is sent to the Vice-President. The statement shall describe the factors that were used in determining the amount of the hiring salary for the successful applicant. The amount of the total salary that was offered and accepted shall be stipulated and if the salary exceeds the established minimum salary for the position, the factors used in determining the salary shall be specified. The statement shall be reviewed by the Vice-President and a copy placed in the faculty member's institutional personnel files, The faculty member shall be informed by the department/unit need or dean/director that the hiring salary information has been placed in these files which are open to him/her at any time upon request.

Three official files are maintained at the University of Oregon for each faculty member: (1) in the dean/director's office files, (2) in the Office of Resource Management and (3) in the Office of Human Resources. The faculty member's file maintained in the dean/director's office is the one to which a faculty member normally seeks access.

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08 February 2010 - Policy number revised from 3.130 to 02.01.08

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UO Policy Statement