Faculty: Salary Adjustments

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To assure that a record of the components comprising any salary adjustments is available in each faculty member's personnel file.

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At the University of Oregon, each component of a faculty member's salary adjustment shall be recorded and placed in a faculty member's files.


When an adjustment of any kind is made to a faculty member's salary, a written list of the components which comprise the adjustment shall be placed in the faculty member's institutional personnel files. This shall stipulate the amount of increase assigned to each component of the total salary adjustment, i.e., promotion, across-the-board, merit, equity, and special stipend, including any adjustment made for the purpose of retaining the faculty member at the University.

If a faculty member is assigned less than the percentage established for an across-the-board increase for fully satisfactory service, the reason(s) for assigning a lower-than-standard percentage increase shall be placed in the personnel file. If a salary decrease is recommended for a faculty member as a disciplinary sanction, an explanation of that action shall be placed in the faculty member's files.

The Office of Resource Management shall be responsible for transmitting the statement of the components comprising the total salary adjustment for inclusion in each faculty member's files.

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President's Staff
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08 February 2010 - Policy number revised from 3.130 to 02.01.07

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UO Policy Statement