Faculty: Salary Information Provided to Finalist Candidates

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To assure that applicants who are finalist for faculty positions are informed of the minimum salary and/or salary range as well as the factors determining the initial hire salary.

Policy Statement: 

The finalist applicants for an academic position at the University of Oregon shall be informed of factors to be considered in determining the hiring salary.


All finalist applicants for an academic position shall be informed of the minimum salary and/or the salary range for the position. This shall be done no later than at the time the applicant(s) are invited to visit the campus for an interview, or shall be conveyed earlier in response to an applicant's inquiry about the salary.

Prior to the interview the applicant(s) shall be informed also of the factors that will be considered in determining the hiring salary if the salary to be offered should exceed the minimum salary. The information about the factors to be used in determining the hiring salary shall be conveyed to the applicant(s) by the department/unit head or program/institute director after consultation with the dean/director. Any factor that is considered in determining the hiring salary, such as quality of the applicant's academic performance, the quality of the applicant's teaching, research, and service record at another institution, the applicant's expected contribution to the University's mission, or the prevailing market conditions in the discipline, including market factors related to competition resulting from an applicant's minority status, shall be evaluated in accordance with written criteria that the department, program, or unit had established for the particular position in advance of announcing the position opening. A file of information documenting prevailing market conditions shall be maintained by each College, School, or Division.

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President's Staff
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08 February 2010 - Policy number revised from 3.130 to 02.01.11

31 January 1986 - Issued by the university president

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UO Policy Statement