Faculty: Special Stipends

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To establish basis for identifying and recording special stipends for specific assignments and/or time periods.

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The University of Oregon shall identify separately and record in the faculty member's personnel record any administrative or other special stipends which are to continue only for the time during which the special circumstances occur.


The amount of any special stipend that is to be added to a faculty member's total compensation for assuming administrative or other duties shall be determined by the dean/director in consultation with the appropriate Vice-President, stipulating the position's title (if appropriate), the period of the appointment, and the amount of the special stipend to be paid during the period of the appointment. When signed by the Vice-President, a copy of the appointment request shall be filed in the faculty member's institutional personnel files. Salaries of administrators (without identified stipends) who return to teaching at the University shall be negotiated.

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President's Staff
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08 February 2010 - Policy number revised from 3.130 to 02.01.12

31 January 1986 - Issued by the university president

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UO Policy Statement