Faculty: Tenure Extension of Probationary Period Because of New Baby or Childbirth or Adoption

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To describe the conditions under which the probationary period for tenure consideration may be extended for faculty members with parental responsibilities for a new baby or child.

Policy Statement: 

A faculty member who has assumed responsibility through birth or adoption for a new baby or child may be able to continue to fulfill assigned instructional responsibilities without taking extended sick leave or leave without pay. Parental responsibilities for a new baby or child, however, may lessen a faculty member's scholarship for a period of time. In acknowledgement of this possibility, the University, at the request of the faculty member, will consider entering into a special agreement to extend the probationary period for one year before mandatory consideration for indefinite tenure is given. In cases deviating from normal full-term childbearing, a faculty member can request a similar extension which may be granted at the discretion of the Provost. Requests for an extension may be made for each new baby or child.

Procedure, Period of Leave, and Rescission of Agreement: A faculty member who requests an extension of the tenure probationary period must initiate the request no later than twelve months after birth or adoption of a new baby or child. The request should be addressed to the Provost. Any request for leave without pay that is combined with a request to suspend the tenure clock under this policy shall in no case lead to a suspension exceeding twelve months, as specified above. The agreement for the extension of the probationary period may be rescinded by the faculty member at any time by submitting written notice to the Provost.

Exclusions and Special Situations: 

This policy will apply only to those non tenured faculty members who are in regular tenure-related, fixed-term appointments. The Rules provide that the tenure probationary period may be altered "in individual cases (where) there is a specific written agreement between the institution and the faculty member".

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President's Staff
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19 February 1985 - Promulgated
04 October 1985 - Revisions reviewed and approval recommended by President's Staff
February 2000 - Revisions reviewed and approval recommended by President's Staff
Reissued by Vice President for Academic Affairs and Provost
08 February 2010 - Policy number revised from 3.130 to 02.01.05
05 October 2010 - Changed Title from Extension of Tenure Probationary Period Because of New Baby or Childbirth or Adoption
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UO Policy Statement