Copyright Royalty Income (Distribution of)

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To explain the policy and procedures to be followed in the distribution of copyright royalty income.

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In distributing copyright royalty income at the University of Oregon, the President will give first consideration to the needs of the research and instructional programs of the department from which the particular copyrighted material was derived, and second consideration to the needs of the School or College administratively responsible for that department. The President may also, at the President's discretion, assign funds from said income to instructional support units, including libraries, computing centers, museums, and to other academic units.

Academic units or individual professors desiring to have the University's share of copyright royalty income allocated specifically shall apply in writing to the President for assignment of royalties to departmental accounts. The memorandum of application shall include the following information:

1. Name of activity which generated royalty.

2. Description of intended use of royalty income.

3. Account number to which royalty income shall be distributed.

4. Note of approval from appropriate Department Head.

5. Note of approval or endorsement from Dean of School or College.

If the request is denied, or the royalties are to be allocated in a manner different from that proposed, the applicant(s) will be sent a memorandum of explanation.

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President's Staff
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Vice President for Administration
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08 February 2010 - Policy number revised from 6.000 to 06.00.05

04 October 1985 - Reviewed and approval recommended by the university president's staff and reissued

01 May 1977 - Promulgated as AM 15.185

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UO Policy Statement