Fund Raising on Campus, Authorization of

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To describe procedure for obtaining permission to conduct fund raising on campus and to provide rule citations on which procedures are based.

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1. To obtain official authorization to conduct on campus fund raising, write a memorandum outlining the purpose of the fund raising activity, identifying the sponsor(s), and indicating how and where collected monies will be deposited and dispersed. Send or deliver this memorandum to the Office of the President at least two weeks prior to the planned activity. The President or the President's designee shall respond as promptly as possible to the request.

(a) The President may request further information and/or endorsement by the appropriate Vice-President prior to making a decision about whether or not to authorize the fund raising activity.

(b) Fund raisers shall present a copy of the President's authorization when requesting space reservations, use of campus mail service, or other University services in connection with the fund raising, event(s).

2. Use of campus mail service for fund raising is limited to approved institutional fund drives or other fund raising activities authorized by the University President or the President's authorized representative.(OAR 571-11-005).

3. Solicitation of funds from students is governed by OAR 571-11-005 and OAR 571-11-010.

4. Solicitation of funds from off campus donors is governed by OAR 571-11-005 and University of Oregon Policy Statement 7.000: Foundation Practice and Procedure "Access to Prospective Donors for Gifts of $5,000 or More."

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President's Staff
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Vice-President for Administration
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08 February 2010 - Policy number revised from 6.000 to 06.00.04

04 January 1985 - Reviewed and Approved by the university president's staff

04 January 1985 - Issued by the university vice-president for Administration

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UO Policy Statement