Review of Admission Requirements

Responsible Office: 

Office of Enrollment Management at

Enactment & Revision History: 

01 July 2014 - Became a University of Oregon policy by operation of law

Former OUS Internal Management Directive 3.001-005.


3.001 Review of Undergraduate Admission Requirements

The Board shall review and set undergraduate academic admission requirements for the institutions. To enable timely institutional planning, program implementation, publications, and notice to prospective students, the Board shall approve admission requirements for each academic year not later than in February of the preceding calendar year.

Institution and Chancellor’s Office staff shall work with Oregon schools, the Oregon Department of Education and others, on effecting a coordinated transition from the traditional admission policy to the proficiency-based admission standards system (PASS) that aligns with legislatively-mandated changes in public K-12 education.

3.005 Establishment of Minimum Standards for Entry Into Programs

Each institution may establish minimum academic and other standards for entry into particular programs in excess of those established for the institution by general Board policy. In addition, the institution may selectively admit students into these programs on the basis of established standards. All standards established pursuant to this directive and the procedures applying to them shall comply with OAR 580-015-0025.

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Internal Management Directive