Candidates for Public Office

Reason for Policy: 

To articulate key parameters around running for and serving in elected office, including the overarching right to do so.

Entities Affected by this Policy: 

All UO employees interested in running for political office.

Responsible Office: 

Human Resources: 541-346-3159,

Enactment & Revision History: 

17 March 2015 - Senate-proposed revisions approved by the university president

01 July 2014 - Former Oregon Administrative Rule became UO policy by operation of law


(1) In accordance with the Oregon Constitution, it is Board policy to allow employees to seek political office and to serve in the event of election. Before an employee shall become a candidate for any public office, whether for a salaried or non-salaried position, the employee is expected to consult with the president.

(2) Political activity shall in no way interfere with the performance of the major duties prescribed by the university.

(3) Because circumstances under a campaign is conducted will vary widely depending on the nature of the elective office and the extent of opposition, the determination of whether an employee may continue full-time duties while conducting or engaged in a campaign rests with the employee's president. In the event of election to the State Legislature, an employee normally will be placed on leave of absence without pay during the period of full-time responsibility. If elected or appointed to a full-time salaried office, the employee may be placed on leave of absence without pay during the term of office or may be required to resign.

Original Source: 
OUS Board Policy