Policies Open for Comment

The following policies are currently open for public comment until the date listed. Each has completed stakeholder review, general counsel review, and a process review by the Policy Advisory Council (PAC). If you would like to provide feedback on the proposal, please email uopolicy@uoregon.edu

This email address is monitored regularly and you will get acknowledgment once your comment is officially received. Your comment will be routed to the office responsible for managing (and thus coordinating any related proposals to) the policy) for review and consideration. If public comment results in a modified proposal (i.e., new draft), that proposal will go back through stakeholder, counsel and PAC review and the PAC will determine whether additional public comment time is warranted. Thank you for your attention to UO policies!


Recommended for Repeal/and Approval as New Policy:

Bicycles and Other Personal Transportation Devices - Recommended for Approval as New Policy IV.08.01, to replace 3 existing policies.
Open for Public Comment until 5/28/2019.


Recommended for Repeal:

IMD 4.0003 Career Support for Unclassified Employees - Recommended for Repeal. Open for Public Comment until 5/28/2019.


Recommended for Revision:

580.022.0025-40 Holidays and Miscellaneous Privileges - Revise. Open for Public Comment until 5/28/2019.