Use of Seal, Logo and Related

Policy Number: 
Reason for Policy: 

The purpose of this policy is to establish guidelines and regulations for the use of the University Seal, the Oregon Duck, the logo and other related brand and trademarked information.

Entities Affected by this Policy: 

All units of the university

Responsible Office: 

For questions about this policy, please contact the Office of the Secretary at 541-346-3166 or

Enactment & Revision History: 

28 October 2015 - Amended by the university president (Previously UO Policy 07.00.01.)


Use by External Parties

The University of Oregon does not lend, endorse, sponsor, or partner with external parties through the use of its name, logos, campus images or photos of buildings and grounds in a way that could imply an endorsement or sponsorship of a company, individual or other entity, its products, charitable contributions, or other business activities unless formal written approval has been granted. The University has existing relationships with charitable organizations, manages sponsorships with businesses through its Intercollegiate Athletic Department and University Advancement Office and has a formal trademark licensing program managing the use of its trademarks.

Requirements of Consent

A waiver to this prohibition may be considered if such endorsement is the subject of an agreement of substantial importance and value to the University, who retains all rights to make such decisions. The external entity proposing a waiver must submit a formal request to the Brand Management office. The decision to grant a waiver and the extent of the same shall be at the discretion of that office, taking into consideration, among other things, the University's marketing and brand management's goals:

To promote and protect the University through implementation of a management system which establishes the means for consistent, favorable, and professional use of the brand and the trademarks and to fulfill the legal obligation to protect the University's image and trademarks.

The University of Oregon prefers to negotiate waivers request with a minimum of three weeks advance notice and reserves the right to deny negotiations if the timeliness factor is not observed.

Use by Internal Parties

University of Oregon logos, symbols, and seal may be used by internal parties only for purposes which will promote the goals and purposes of the University.

The director of Marketing Communications is authorized to approve any published logo that represents the University of Oregon in whole or in part. Responsibility for ensuring that only approved logos appear in publications and in advertisements shall be with the head of the department placing the printing order. The Vice President for Communications or his/her designee is authorized to grant exceptions to this.

Use of logos or the seal shall follow guidelines established and available at

The registrar is authorized to use the university seal on official papers such as diplomas, transcripts and other official documents of that office. The president has designated the University Secretary as the official keeper of the university seal and has delegated to the vice president for Communications or his/her designee authority to make any other determinations about use of the university seal and signature marks.

The Oregon Duck

The Oregon Duck is copyrighted and licensed to the university under a special agreement. Special care must be taken when using this mark. Use of the costume character is coordinated through the Department of Intercollegiate Athletics. Other uses of the Oregon Duck are managed through the Offices of Marketing Communications and Brand Management.


The Marketing Communications and Brand Management Offices shall be responsible for implementation and interpretation of the University of Oregon's identifying marks or images by external parties and for negotiating the required contracts. For more information, see the Trademark Licensing policy.

Marketing Communications shall be responsible for implementation and interpretation of the use of the University of Oregon's seal or logo by internal parties.

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