Family Housing Governance

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Reason for Policy: 

This policy outlines matters relating to Family Housing & University Apartments (FHUA) governance within the University.

Entities Affected by this Policy: 

All resident leaseholders and household members

Responsible Office: 

For questions about this policy, please contact University Housing at 541-346-4277.

Enactment & Revision History: 

20 September 2017 - Revisions approved by the university president and policy renumbered

03 September 2015 - Technical revisions enacted by the university secretary

01 July 2014 - Became a University of Oregon Policy by operation of law

Former Oregon Administrative Rule Chapter 571 Division 22, Sections 0020-80.

25 July 2016 - Reviewed by FHUA RLC


A. Authority

Under the powers granted in ORS Chapter 352, the University has promulgated UO Policy establishing rules and regulations for student housing. Under this authority, the President of the University of Oregon has promulgated UO Policies to govern family housing.

B. Family Housing & University Apartments Community Advisory Board

(1) This policy creates the Family Housing & University Apartments Community Advisory Board (CAB) for family housing units and complexes at the University of Oregon.

(2) The CAB will review, advise upon, and recommend family FHUA policy as specified in this policy:

(a) Purposes of the Board. The CAB shall provide a vehicle for deliberate, systematic discussion, review, and dialogue in matters relating to FHUA among representatives of family housing residents, University Housing, faculty, and other students;

(b) Composition, Presiding Officer, and Selection of Members:

(A) The CAB shall be comprised of the following members:

(i) Two Spencer View area residents

(ii) One Graduate Housing residents

(iii) One East Campus area residents

(iv) Residence Life Coordinator (RLC) of FHUA;

(B) The Chairperson of the CAB shall be a member of the CAB in good standing and shall be elected by a majority vote of the entire CAB.

(c) Notification of Non-Emergency Action. When able, prior to a non-emergency action by University Housing, Housing will make efforts to inform the CAB of the impending action and solicit feedback from CAB members. Such areas might include

(A) Changes in rental rates in excess of a standardized across-the-board five percent annual increase. Individual East Campus unit rent adjustments may be implemented, after the unit is vacated, to recover renovation costs or to achieve rental parity with similar type units;

(B) Changes in the terms of the leases or rental agreements;

(C) Budget Reports. University Housing shall provide to the CAB at least annually for its review and comment the University Housing budget allocated to the respective FHUA areas.

(d) Procedures of the CAB. Procedures of the CAB will be gathered in a guiding operational document (CAB constitution).

(e) Individual residents shall retain their existing rights to interact directly with the University, including requests for additional services or expression of grievances.

C. Emergency Action

University Housing may act on its own initiative without notification of the CAB when time does not permit such notification. A notification of all emergency actions shall be sent to the chairperson of the CAB as soon as practicable.

D. Management Responsibilities

(1) The following matters shall be deemed exclusively management responsibilities and shall neither be delegated to resident organizations nor be subject to consultation with the CAB:

(a) Routine maintenance and repair, including preventative maintenance, restoration of damaged or destroyed elements or facilities, or anticipatory replacement of obsolete or high-maintenance existing equipment;

(b) Assignment of units to residents by the University and eviction within established policies;

(c) Eligibility for residing in FHUA facilities;

(d) Ensuring compliance with established fire, health, and safety regulations;

(e) Sanctioning non-compliance with city, county, state and federal laws and regulations, and policies promulgated by the University of Oregon as legally and functionally appropriate;

(f) Purchase of equipment, supplies and furniture

(2) The administration of the respective FHUA areas shall be conducted in accordance with rules or policies set forth by the University of Oregon pursuant to Oregon law and shall abide by all regulations respecting health, sanitation and safety as described by state law or local or city ordinances.

E. Delegation

The President of the University hereby delegates authority to the organizations and individuals designated in UO residence hall and family housing policies to carry out the provisions and responsibilities of these policies.

  • Volume III: Administration of Student Affairs
  • Chapter 2: Housing and residence life
Original Source: 
Oregon Administrative Rule