Student Housing

Policy Number: 
Reason for Policy: 

This policy contains matters pertaining to student housing, including cooperatives.

Entities Affected by this Policy: 

All students; employees who interact with the above mentioned matters.

Responsible Office: 

For questions about this policy, please contact the Division of Student Services and Enrollment Management at 541-346-9386.

Enactment & Revision History: 

19 April 2018 - Revisions approved by the university president. Policy renumbered from 580.011.0015-0040 to III.02.03

02 September 2015 - Technical revisions enacted by the university secretary

01 July 2014 - Became a University of Oregon Policy by operation of law

Former Oregon Administrative Rule Chapter 580 Division 11, Sections 0015 through 0040


A. Self-Supporting Concept for Student Housing

The self-supporting concept, as applied to student housing, anticipates that there shall be sufficient total income from charges to pay all direct costs, including debt service, utility and insurance costs, and institutional and a proportional share of accounting, overhead and administrative costs.


B. Campus Housing Advisory Board

The University of Oregon University Housing Advisory Board is a group of 8-11 students representing first-year through graduate students and reflecting the diversity of the UO student body. The Board provides strategic input to the leadership of University Housing at the University of Oregon.

Responsibilities of this Board:

  • Provide advisory input to the Director of University Housing on critical issues impacting the student experience that may arise during the course of the academic year including:
    • review and provide perspectives on University Housing new and existing facilities projects and project planning
    • review and provide perspectives on University Housing policies and procedures
    • offer perspectives regarding University improvements and changes
    • offer perspectives on other University Housing related issues
  • Serve as advocates for University Housing and its mission to facilitate students’ development as they build an inclusive community, establish a sense of home, and succeed academically and in working toward University Housing’s “Big Goal” of becoming the model of excellence for providing accessible, affordable, and student-centered living-learning experiences; the preferred choice for all UO students.
  • Conduct and provide important analysis of various surveys and other assessment tools geared at improving the out-of-classroom student experience.


C. Rates of Charge for Student Housing

  1. Student housing charges shall provide sufficient income to make each category of housing--family housing, residence halls self-supporting and self-liquidating. Under exceptional circumstances, the President may authorize the use of income from one category to support the operation of another and the use of commingled student building fees to assist with financing of student housing.
  2. Room and Board rates of charge shall be approved by the University of Oregon Board of Trustees or designee.


D. University-Controlled Cooperative Housing

If created, university-controlled cooperative housing projects shall be limited to those meeting the following conditions:

  1. The University select students occupying the units.
  2. Rental contracts are made between individual student occupants and the University.
  3. The units are wholly self-supporting and self-liquidating               
  • Volume III: Administration of Student Affairs
  • Chapter 2: Housing and residence life
Original Source: 
Oregon Administrative Rule