Safety - Physical Space and Environment

Policy Number: 
Reason for Policy: 

To protect human health and the environment, ensure regulatory compliance, and preserve university interests and assets.

Entities Affected by this Policy: 

All members of the UO community and visitors.

Responsible Office: 

Safety and Risk Services, (541) 346-3192,

Enactment & Revision History: 

Revisions, merge and renumbering approved by University President Michael Schill on 03/03/2017

Title change from University Safety to Safety on 10/05/2010 

Policy number revised from 8.000 to 08.00.02 on 02/08/2010

Approved by President’s staff on 10/11/2000


Safety - Physical Space and Environment Policy

I. Responsibilities

  1. Safety is the shared responsibility of everyone.  The president expects all university personnel to support the university’s safety policy and associated procedures. 
  1. The provost and vice presidents are responsible to ensure implementation and enforcement of this policy in all facilities and operations within their respective portfolios.
  1. All administrators, deans, department heads, directors, supervisors and/or principal investigators are directly accountable for the safety and health of the total environment(s) (work and/or living) for which they are responsible. This includes all students, visitors, staff, the environment and university property for which they have oversight. This also includes establishment and management of safety programs and ongoing support by each unit for safety, including the provision of appropriate training and personal protective equipment.
  1. Safety and Risk Services is responsible for providing training, technical expertise and assistance to campus partners regarding compliance with laws, regulations, and policies and the protection of human health and the environment. The University Safety Representative is an employee in Safety and Risk Services and is responsible for responding to employee inquiries about safety.
  1. All employees are responsible for reporting accidents, unsafe working conditions or hazards of any nature. Such a report shall be made to an immediate supervisor who shall report the situation to the appropriate person or office for action except in instances of immediate medical attention needs when 9-1-1 should be the first notification.
  1. The University will annually advise employees of the name and contact information of the University Safety Representative.

II. Imminent Danger

In case of imminent danger to life or health, Environmental Health and Safety (EHS), the University Fire Marshal, and/or a designee of either has authority to suspend an activity immediately until the hazardous condition is abated or adequate measures are taken to minimize exposure of students, faculty, staff, visitors and the environment to that danger.

III. Corrective Action and Reporting

  1. If after reporting to the supervisor that a specific task or assignment may jeopardize personal health or safety, and correction is not made, the employee may refuse to perform such activity without penalty until the appropriate health or safety representative has reviewed the situation and made a finding. Any employee has the right to report any unsafe or hazardous condition directly to a safety representative or to appropriate local, state, or federal authorities.
  1. Safety violations, injury reports, and corrections made will be reviewed and reported to the university’s Safety Advisory Committee at its regularly scheduled meeting.

IV. Committees

Safety and Risk Services unit may form such committees as the head of that unit deems necessary and appropriate to ensure and maintain regulatory compliance.

  • Volume IV: Finance, Administration and Infrastructure
  • Chapter 5: Public Safety and Risk Services
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