Mobile Technology, Access To

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Reason for Policy: 

This policy creates a framework and general guidelines for determining decision making regarding requirements for mobile technology related to employment activities. This policy relates to the terms and conditions of employment and this policy issue is the responsibility of the Office of Human Resources.

Note: The operational aspects of this policy are overseen by the Business Affairs Office.

Entities Affected by this Policy: 

Employees who require mobile technology to perform job responsibilities.

Responsible Office: 

Vice President of Finance and Administration: 541-346-3003,

Enactment & Revision History: 

29 February 2016 - Policy number changed from 03.05.05 to IV.06.05

28 December 2010 - Approved by the university president

  • Provision of university funds for mobile technology must meet a general need of the university. The dean, director, department and/or other unit head are best-suited to determine if a specific employee or job classification requires the use of university-sponsored Mobile Technology in their areas, and to what extent. As such, the dean, director, department and/or other unit head have the authority to approve access to mobile technology and payment method. This determination should be reviewed annually and revised if needed. Possible criteria to consider may include (this list is not exclusive):
    • Travel: Employees who frequently travel or are out of the office and need to be in contact with employees, clients, managers, or other university associate.
    • Work Location: Employees who typically work in the field or at job sites where access to electronic and telecommunication devices is not readily available
    • Emergency Response: Employees who need to be contacted and/or respond in the event of an emergency or are required to be available during non-business hours
    • Critical Need: Employees who are required as part of their daily responsibilities to be accessible by electronic means when away from their regular work station.
  • Final determination of whether other criteria may apply is the responsibility of the senior vice provost for academic affairs for academic personnel and the associate vice president for human resources for officers of administration and classified personnel.
  • Responsibility for setting overall guidance regarding mobile technology and determining which payment options and tiers are available is delegated to the vice president responsible for that unit.


Determination of the need for mobile technology should be documented in writing and filed in the employee's personnel file.

  • Volume IV: Finance, Administration and Infrastructure
  • Chapter 6: Information technology