Facilities Scheduling

Policy Number: 
Reason for Policy: 

To define the scheduling of facilities and outdoor space owned or operated by the University of Oregon.

Entities Affected by this Policy: 

UO faculty, students, staff, and the general public.

Responsible Office: 

Office of the Vice President of Finance and Administration: 541-346-3003, vpfa@uoregon.edu

Enactment & Revision History: 

31 October 2017 - Policy renumbered from 4.00.05 to IV.07.08 and technical changes made by the university secretary

23 July 2013 - Approved by the university president (following recommendation by the university senate – 10 April 2013)

28 December 2010 - Revised by the university president

08 February 2010 - Policy number revised from 4.000 to 04.00.05

04 October 1985 - Reviewed and approval recommended by the university president's staff

01 May 1977 - Promulgated as AM 18.020



Facility: Refers to Facilities, including buildings and scheduled outdoor spaces, owned or operated by the university. Scheduling rules and regulations for specific Facilities may vary and must be followed.

Locally Scheduled Facility: Refers to a Facility that is scheduled by a dean, director, or designee.

University Entity: Refers to groups (including colleges, schools, departments, and other university organizational units, recognized faculty groups, recognized student groups, academic student groups, and self-defined groups of three or more members of the Statutory Faculty, when scheduling any Facility.

Refers to currently employed administrators and staff (including OAs, librarians, classified staff) when scheduling Locally Scheduled Facilities, considered to be part of regular professional activities.

Emeriti faculty may request to schedule Facilities in a manner congruent with the Emeritus Policy.

Non-University Entity: Refers to an individual or organization that is not a University Entity.

Policy Statement:

  1. This policy addresses the use and scheduling of buildings and outdoor space owned or operated by the university (hereinafter "Facilities").
  2. University Facilities are reserved primarily for UO activities, including instruction, research, administration, public service, and student activities. Instruction, research, and administration take priority. Consistent with applicable law and policy, when not required for university activities, and subject to other university policies, university Facilities may be scheduled for other uses.
  3. Both University Entities and Non-University Entities may schedule a UO Facility.
  4. Use of Facilities does not in any way imply that the university endorses, encourages, or approves the purposes, conduct, or messages of the users.
  5. The university may charge Non-University Entities an application fee for requesting to schedule the use of Facilities as described under Scheduling Responsibilities.
  6. Procedures (including schedule of fees) for scheduling of Facilities and conduct of events will be published on the UO website. This will include a timely appeal process for denied requests.

Scheduling responsibilities:

  • The University Registrar or designee is authorized to schedule Facilities for UO instruction.
  • The UO Scheduling and Event Services is authorized to schedule, and facilitate planning and support, for non-academic use of scheduled university Facilities, not assigned to another administrator by this policy.
  • The dean, director, or designee is authorized to schedule each Locally-Scheduled Facility in a manner consistent with this policy.
  • All applicable scheduling fees must be approved by the Business Affairs Office and made publicly available on the UO website.
  • Requests for scheduling of UO Facilities by Non-University Entities must be made in writing, using the required forms. University Entities may request to schedule Locally Scheduled Facilities via in-person communication, e-mail, or phone. Entities must disclose the general intended use at the time the user seeks to schedule the facility. Failure to disclose such information may result in denial or cancellation of the reservation.
  • Request for use of a Facility must be scheduled sufficiently in advance to allow the appropriate university officials to determine if the use is permissible and to make reasonable preparations for the intended use.
  • Entities that request the use of Facilities should endeavor to prevent persons attending the event from damaging the Facilities. Any requester may be required to meet reasonable additional conditions necessitated by the requested use. All health, safety, fire, and other regulations must be observed by users of Facilities.
  • The university reserves all concession and catering rights and the right to approve or disapprove the serving of alcoholic beverages, as well as all rights to make audio or commercial video recordings or televise or broadcast any event. Catering information may be found with University Catering. Information regarding the terms and conditions for recordings and broadcasts is located online at the Office of Marketing and Brand Management site.
  • Sound policies may be found on the Outdoor Amplified Sound Agreement.
  • Overnight events are generally prohibited; exceptions must be expressly authorized in advance by the University Scheduling Manager.
  • At all times, any event approval is conditioned upon full compliance with all university policies and all reservation requirements. In order to ensure that an event is consistent with university policies, the university reserves the right to modify or cancel an event, to decide where an event will occur, to move the location of an event, and to take any other action necessary to ensure compliance with university policies and for no other reasons.

Exclusions and Special Situations:

This scheduling policy does not apply to Facilities that are scheduled by the Department of Athletics.

This policy applies to scheduling of all other Facilities for UO and non-UO uses and supersedes any policies that are inconsistent.


  1. The University Scheduling Manager will maintain and post on the UO website a manual of procedures and other rules that will guide the operational procedures in relation to (a) request for scheduling, (b) basic and auxiliary fee structure, (c) scheduling options, and (d) management of events in university Facilities and spaces covered under this policy.
  2. For scheduling requirements, forms, and fees, an interested party should contact University Scheduling and Events Services, or contact the dean, director, or designee for the Locally- Scheduled Facility.
  3. University Entities will not be charged for the scheduling of Facilities and may be charged for use of Facilities. They will not normally be charged for the use of their own Local Facilities when these are scheduled for activities considered to be part of regular day-to-day professional duties.
  4. Non-University Entities may be charged a scheduling request fee, payable prior to approval of the use, as well as appropriate use fees. Additional fees may apply. They are required to execute an agreement for use of Facilities on terms acceptable to the university. Procedures by which Non-University Entities may apply to use Facilities and conduct an event will be published on the UO website.
  • Volume IV: Finance, Administration and Infrastructure
  • Chapter 7: Property, facilities and planning; sustainability
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