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Residence Halls, Reimbursement for Space Used on a Temporary Basis OUS 43 III.02.05
Review of Admission Requirements Internal Management Directive IMD 3.001-005
Real Property, Space Use and Facilities Planning Oregon Administrative Rule 580.060 IV.07.06
Retention of Evaluative Materials Oregon Administrative Rule 580.022.0110
Relationships with State Government OUS Board Policy 580.022.0020 V.11.09
Resignations and Terminations Oregon Administrative Rule 580.021.0300-470
Residence Classification Oregon Administrative Rule 580.010.0029-47 III.08.01
Residence Hall Governance Oregon Administrative Rule 571.022.0005-15 III.02.01
Required Immunizations Oregon Administrative Rule 571.004.0016 III.04.05
Research: Financial Conflict of Interest in UO Policy Statement 09.00.04 II.06.01
Recruiting UO Students for Employment Opportunities UO Policy Statement 01.00.09 III.09.02
Retention and Delegation of Authority I.01.01
Research: Classified Research UO Policy Statement II.06.03