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Retention and Delegation of Authority I.01.01
Residence Halls, Reimbursement for Space Used on a Temporary Basis OUS 43 III.02.05
Relationships with State Government OUS Board Policy 580.022.0020 V.11.09
Recruiting UO Students for Employment Opportunities UO Policy Statement 01.00.09 III.09.02
Research: Financial Conflict of Interest in UO Policy Statement 09.00.04 II.06.01
Research: Classified Research UO Policy Statement II.06.03
Review of Admission Requirements Internal Management Directive IMD 3.001-005
Residence Classification Oregon Administrative Rule 580.010.0029-47 III.08.01
Resignations and Terminations Oregon Administrative Rule 580.021.0300-470
Residence Hall Governance Oregon Administrative Rule 571.022.0005-15 III.02.01
Required Immunizations Oregon Administrative Rule 571.004.0016 III.04.05
Retention of Evaluative Materials Oregon Administrative Rule 580.022.0110
Real Property, Space Use and Facilities Planning Oregon Administrative Rule 580.060 IV.07.06