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Search Procedures for Academic Administrator Positions II.02.02
Student Loan Debt Management and Outreach OUS Board Policy OUS 49
Student Eligibility for Activities UO Policy Statement 05.00.03 III.01.02
Strategic Purchasing of Services and Goods UO Policy Statement IV.09.03
Subpoenas of Student Records UO Policy Statement 01.00.08 III.05.06
Student Grievance Procedures UO Policy Statement III.01.03
Sabbatical Leave UO Policy Statement II.03.05
Safety - Physical Space and Environment UO Policy Statement 08.00.02 and 08.00.07 IV.05.01
Student Housing Oregon Administrative Rule 580.011.0015-0040 III.02.03
Smoke and Tobacco-Free University Oregon Administrative Rule IV.07.09
Student Conduct Code Oregon Administrative Rule 571.021 III.01.01
Student Health Services Oregon Administrative Rule 580.011.0005 III.04.01
Student Records Oregon Administrative Rule 580.013 III.05.04
Surplus Property Disposal Oregon Administrative Rule 580.040.0300-311
Student Leave Oregon Administrative Rule 571.023 III.05.05
Student Records Oregon Administrative Rule 571.020 III.05.03