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Consensual Relationships OUS Board Policy OUS 17
Community College Transfer OUS Board Policy OUS 15
College Courses Taught for Credit in High Schools, Guidelines for OUS Board Policy OUS 14 III.08.05
Class Size OUS Board Policy OUS 13
Compensation Internal Management Directive IMD 4.111-022
Career Support Program for Unclassified Employees Internal Management Directive IMD 4.003
Credit for College Courses Taught in High Schools Internal Management Directive IMD 2.030 III.08.06
Capital Construction and Contracting Oregon Administrative Rule 580.063
Candidates for Public Office OUS Board Policy 580.022.0015
Conditions of Service Oregon Administrative Rule 580.021.0005-55
Compensation Oregon Administrative Rule 580.020.0010-0100
Community Dispute Resolution Program 571.100 I.03.02
Commercial and Charitable Solicitations, Commercial Transactions Oregon Administrative Rule 571.050.0030
Conflicts of Interest and Abuses of Power: Sexual or Romantic Relationships with Students Oregon Administrative Rule 571.004.0007 571.004.00
Campus Planning UO Policy Statement 4.00.08 IV.07.07
Conflicts of Interest, Potential UO Policy Statement 09.00.05
Copyright Royalty Income (Distribution of) UO Policy Statement 06.00.05
Catering Services on Campus UO Policy Statement 04.00.01
Child Care: Support for Parent Initiated Child Care in the Workplace UO Policy Statement 03.12.02
Criminal, Credit and Related Background Checks on Applicants for University Positions UO Policy Statement 03.09.01
Cancellation of Classes UO Policy Statement 02.99.01 II.01.05
Community Standards Affirmation UO Policy Statement 01.00.10
Campus Visitors UO Policy Statement 01.00.04 IV.05.04
Code of Ethics IV.02.01
Confidentiality of Client/Patient Health Care and Survivors' Services Information III.05.02
Computing Priorities: Research and Instructional IV.06.04
Customer Information Security Program IV.06.06
Charging Administrative Overhead Costs UO Policy (New) IV.04.03